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Well, that was suitably an odd interview. As befits one I had no idea what they wanted due to a small advert.

They wanted a 50/50 spliit betwen IT and general help-out, which is OK for a bit, I guess. Went OK I guess - only got stuck once for words :-)

In other news... check back later for the new Jarre section and Jarrelook concert report.

My sinusus

Well, the concert was fab but when we got home I had really bad earache, must of been the hills we were driving up & down.

The pain has gone this morning but I still can't hear clearly & have a stuffed nose.

I will be doing some family tree editing later so hopefully change some soon.

Oops, there's a lot of stuff here

Just to let you know that a new section is nearly running - it's all to do with Jarre.

I'll be slowly transferring things from my old site as well as putting up new things.

Go take a look soon !

New distance measure

Some nutter set his bike to take a photo once a mile while he cycled across the US - and then put together a nice site with all the photos on.

Rest assured, I wont be doing this with my bike :-)

Today we've

As well as catching up on some obviously needed sleep(!) we've built 1 storage unit & placed stuff in the 2 already built - cheers Dad - & still managed to have 3 pieces left over, but at least the garage now looks organised.

I've remembered to buy some tissues so I can try to keep my red nose to a minimum & we've worked out the route to the concert tonight.


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer