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Complaints Procedure

  1. Decide you don't like something on our web site
  2. Demand the site be shut down
  3. Try not to be too upset when we refuse

Things are bad enough on the 'net with censorship, degenerating free resources and lack of cheap broadband access, without people trying to make us shut down the web site we set up so we could put up things we like without being censored or having to deal with some random request.

This has been a public information message, thank you for your time.

Family Trees are up

Ok, the information I have got is on this site in .PDF format.

Ashton Family Tree

Dawson Family Tree

Eden Family Tree

Glenny Family Tree

Once the PDFs have loaded you will find an icon which looks like a magnifying glass. Click once left on that then anywhere on the screen, if you carry on clicking left on the screen the image will enlarge so you can read the names.

Go have a look, see if you can spot any mistakes, or if you know any more detail or dates or anything useful feel free to e-mail me.
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Family Trees - Not the wooden type

I've done as much as possible without further investigation. I must admit having only just started the Dawson & the Ashton tree they are lagging a few names & about 2 or 3 generations behind the Eden's & the Glenny's.

I will eventually - hopefully on Bank Holiday Monday place a link here to the family charts I have done already but you will need to be able to read Adobe Acrobat to read them.

If you need to download a copy the link is here, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page, wait for the download to complete & then view the charts.

Should you spot any errors or missing links, please do e-mail me. As I gain more information & update the charts I will be changing the charts linked to on here. Updates will be made.

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My Old web page

Incase you were wondering, my old website is now here at

Just need to check the links work then it should be operation. I may even get motivated to make some changes since I don't have to try to get computers to connetc & transfer things about 500 times, so it felt!! I may be with some who knows about computers but I like to try & learn a bit on my own so it is slow progress, but I WILL get there.

New Garden plan for the back

Well, we've finally agreed on a new design for the back garden....
Included is the pond (& Gargoyle [sp]), a few less trees, paving, gravel & flower pots not beds.

Tom got his way with no grass & Rachael got her way with flowers still being included. We may even have created enough room for table & chairs in the suntrap of the middle of the space.

Once we get the scanner working we may - but no promises put the plans on the site.


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer