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Recent down time

Stupid zlib. Bad kernel. Silly rpm.

You don't have to understand, except we're back after last night now.
And I'd like to say sorry to Rachael for being up till midnight doing it.

Job of the week

This weeks job offer of the week goes to, who really want me as a HTML monkey. So much so that they actually called me in to show them I could still use a pencil :-)

In other news: Rachael is ill with the stuff I had last week, and I'm adjusting to spending weeks without F1 again.
Update March 13 by Falken: I'm through to the 2nd round, more updates to come end of next week.

New colors and other tweaks

New theme is gliding into place now.

Sorry for the green last week, I was rather too ill to untweak it.

Just have the page header and backgrounds to finish off, then another look at the layout.

Updated March 6 by Falken: Oh yes, and we'll be moving to a .info at some point too.

Phew !

Well, that was a busy day !

Outlook reckons I've sent double figures of applications today, and at 1830 I got a random call from a random agency trying to get me a job at the airport as a contractor $-)

SETI at home getting boring ?

Falken writes "I've been doing SETI at home for a long time, and have a box that only does that and CUPS, but it's geting... I dunno... not as exciting as it was.

Any ideas for other distributed computing tasks to try ?"


topical-homopterousif you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer
if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer