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So as you've probably realised the Yoga updates have stopped happening, my apologies for that, however since I am working hard to to make my company Rachael Chiverton Ltd a success I hope you will forgive this slight overlook.


Week 1 summary for the new me

Well OK, calling it week 1 might be a bit much since I actually started the week on Tuesday, but as I said in my first blog I am going to write a weekly report, so here goes.

Since it is the first week, I get Saturday & Sunday off, so my week does actually finish today.  I've progressed from learning the stretches & moves to putting them together in a 30 minute workout.  Lessons I've learnt;

Is this the new me, can I keep it up?

Now I'm working for myself, I don't get the hours walk each day, or the exercise of carrying bags to & from Manchester. During a conversation in Edinburgh last week, someone recommended I look up YRG Yoga. 
I've just done my first workout & loved it. Yes it was challenging, yes I was shaking but that is good (apparently). I am going to try & keep this up, so I use all m muscle each time I do it, have a workout to stick to & hopefully gain some core strength as well as better muscle control as the session go along. I have to try this out.

A beautiful evening going wrong?

It's valentines night & once again we're dog sitting so my parents can see Olive HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE (my niece their granddaughter) on her birthday, so how to make it special?
As payment for the dog sitting, Dad provides the wine. So a nice red & home cooked roast, since I'm here to cook it, I thought, or so was the plan!


Linux (Kubuntu) on Dell Latitude E5430

tl;dr important stuff all works. Minor stuff like finger print scanner easily fixable

The hardware is 'certified' by Canonical but this is meaningless because it doesn't say what of the many options Dell offer for the E5430 was used. It also doesn't list correct details for hardware such as Bluetooth, or even that the finger print scanner exists. And there is no way to submit fixes. And the contact us page is 404 compliant. So let's hope Google finds this for you instead :-)



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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer