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Dell have abandoned Linux users, no matter what Ubuntu say about it

I got a Dell laptop a few years ago, and while scouting around for it's replacement I noticed the Ubuntu Linux folks are still proud to say their stuff not only runs on Dell kit still, but that it's available to purchase and have supported direct from Dell:

"purchase Ubuntu on Dell"

Jenson Button around the streets of Manchester

Here are our photos from Jenson's drive around the streets of Manchester in his Formula 1 car, as well as the MP4-12C super car.


Thanks to Vodafone for bringing F1 to the public, just as the BBC are taking F1 away from the public !


10mile on sto Cycle ride via nearly the unicorn, Bonis Hall Lane, Adlington Cross Roads

So having gone out on Saturday & having both been in work all day we came home & cycling via almost 3 pubs, without stopping, we completed the longest cycle ride yet at 9.9miles, started at 6:25pm finished at 7:15pm


First performance of June Unfolding

This was the amazing opportunity that I was given along with all members of #KEMS Orchestra. Chris @swithinbank wrote an amazing piece as our adopted composer for the season in association with #BBCradio3 & making music.

The piece was formed on June 18th  as part of the #Barnaby celebrations in #Macclesfield celebrating 750years of it having the Market Charter.


Oops missed 14/08/11 morning ride

Saturday  was to the the Unicorn  at Wilmslow, arriving before opening, coming home the scenic route. Started: 10:30am (YES AM), Mileage: 8.6 miles



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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer