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Saturdays Cycle ride

Saturday  was to the the Unicorn  at Wilmslow, stopping there for a pint before coming home the scenic route. Started: 3:40pm, Mileage: 8.6 miles

After a brilliant morning meeting Alex Webber for the first time and seeing his parents & Tobin, Zac, Mel & Steve Mitchell in Macclesfied & then mowing both front lawns we decided to take the bikes out for a medium spin. Our route was one of our favourite ones and can be found:


CFDrinks in Manchester UK

Grant Shepert from Blue River (who are behind the awesome ColdFusion powered Mura CMS) is going to be in Manchester (UK !) as part of a little sight seeing now they've opened a UK office.

If you'd like to meet some fellow ColdFusion developers, or just see what all the fuss is about, come along to the Banyan on Tuesday the 16th August.


Today's cycle ride starting at 7:10pm, before tea but after a long day in the office!

Today was to the Legh Arms at Adlington, using the scenic route. Started: 7:10pm, Mileage: 8.4 miles


It took us 25 mins to get there & 15 mins to get back before Tom altered out bikes to make riding more fun & I cooked tea, yum yum.


How I Get Started in ColdFusion

Steve Bryant has decided that today is a good day for people to explain how they got started with ColdFusion, because it turns out people get started in all sorts of ways.


7.5 mile non stop ride


Today was a circular route with no stops: Started: about 4:10pm, Mileage: 7.5miles


After the exciting F1 of this weekend, as well as the red button (not the driver) coverage we decided on a ride since the weather was good & we were both in great spirits after Lewis's win :-)




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