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What Lemmings can teach us about CPU speed

You can now play lemmings online, in JavaScript (i.e. without a browser plugin).
In other words, the virtual language running in the cross platform virtual language inside your web browser, running on top of your GUI, on top of your operating system, is as powerful as one whole Amiga.


That looks wrong. I use GUIs too much, obviously...

I don't normaly do the whole 'meme of the week' thing, but I thought the one on Stuff That Happens was interesting.

falken@wopr:~$ history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
63 ls
47 exit
38 cat
32 sudo
30 cd
20 svn
18 ssh
17 find
16 rm
16 bg

The server that runs our web sites and house intranet is only a little better. Can you tell I just log in to do stuff most of the time ?


The bug hunting process

Following on from their excellent GUI style guide, Stuff That Happens now presents their approach to bug hunting.

Zenus - The Zen ADSL Usage Monitor

Zenus is a Perl interface to the Zen ADSL usage web service.


SVN- how I love thee

SVN, how I love thee, but why do you taunt me so ?

svn: Cannot copy to '.', as it is not from repository 'svn://'; it is from 'svn://'



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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer