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Technology willing I'll be posting updates here every few hours over the course of Thursday conference. LiveJournal readers will need to check my real blog, sorry.

8:30: Met Ben Forta in the lobby, got checked in nice and quick, now watching the huge tele being built and apraising the swag

Cool feature in Flex 2's debugger

As I run Linux at work, I use the command line 'fdb' tool to debug running Flex applications, and for a long time have been swearing at how it dumps variables, and doesn't let you run public getters:

(fdb) print max
$4 = [Object 1600218345, class='Date']
(fdb) print max.getTime()
Variable getTime unknown
Expression could not be evaluated.

But, today, I typo'ed, and something amazing happened. If you put a single full stop after the name of the object, fdb dumps out the internal variables too !


Two mxmlc command line options everyone should use

Here are two things you really should have on your mxmlc Flex 2 compiler's command line: incremental and optimize.

One makes it faster for you to compile, and the other faster to run for your users.


Parsing Strings to Dates in Flex 2 / ActionScript 3

Like most programmers, my users will enter as many funny formats for their dates as they can, given the chance in legacy systems with insufficient checks on user input.
But it's OK, says I, because in ActionScript version 3 (which means Flex 2 most of the time), the Date class will take a string as an argument, and turn it into a real Date.


More Flex tweening

One thing I had to work out this week was how to tween something more complex than just a property, and the solution I went with goes like this:

var t:Tween=new Tween(this,from,to,duration);//Create a new Tween:

This will then call two functions in 'this' - onTweenUpdate and onTweenEnd.
Both functions are given as their argument the next value in the tween (so onTweenEnd gets the final value (i.e. 'to').

This enables you to get a nice progression of just about anything.



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