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Our Wedding - Yes you were right

Since they're together Tom & I decided it was time to wish them well.

For those who heard the rumours about Andrew & Zoe, yes something more than talking did happen (If you really wish to satisfy your curiosity ask them)& yes Congratulations to them, they're now officially together!!

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Tom's Parent's Photos

Mum and Dad's digitals are in, we've put a selection here.

Again, the lights have confused things in places, but it has created some great 'arty' shots of the dancing :-)

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Hazel, what were the words to the Handfast ?

Hazel: We are here today to celebrate the marriage of Tom & Rachael. They ask our blessing, encouragement and life long support for their decision to become husband & wife.

Hazel: It is more than just flesh-to-flesh; it is mind-to-mind, feeling-to-feeling, soul-to-soul in this world & the next. Without family and friends beside them in joy as well as sorrow, this new couple would miss the greatest joys of life outside their own home. They are delighted that you have chosen to witness this ceremony.

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Tom, what was that you said at the meal ?

Now we make our own magic. Now we create our own legends. Now we build the future.

It is the end of the Earth year 2002, and it is the dawn of a new age for us. It is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

The next twenty years will see great changes, great joy, and great sorrow. The new alliance may waver and crack, but in the end it will hold.

Because what is built endures, and what is loved endures, and we - we endure.

Thanks Straczynski !

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First pictures are up !

Well, that was quick Graham -

Some great shots - be sure to check the videos too. They are a bit dark after the main lights go out, but capture the atmosphere well.

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