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Adobe's AIR cross-platform run time, which used to be called Apollo

Nearly time for a Scotch

It's nearly time to go back 'up north' for the ColdFusion confusion - Scotch on the Rocks, and Fusion Authority has an excellent interview with organiser Kev McCave.

I'm looking forward to going again more and more as time goes past, and have started marking up the agenda - sometimes choosing a track is hard !

Hope to see you all there in two-ish weeks !

Wow, this AIR stuff really works

(yes, another AIR success story, but it's mine :-) )
My wife and I are lucky enough to get the same train in and out of the city, and it was on the journey home on Friday that she mentioned some work flow changes in her office. The upshot of these changes was that she was having to look at raw XML files many times a day.

I foolishly mentioned I could probably knock something up 'in a few hours' to make this a lot easier.


Adobe release pocket Flex 3 / AIR 1 reference for free under creative commons

If you are still waiting for your Flex Builder 3 posters to arrive, you could do worse than print out a copy of the 'pocket' Flex/AIR reference Adobe just released.
At 20 double sided A4 pages it's a bit bigger than my pockets, but still makes a handy go-to book to keep on my desk - even printed on the plain old office printers the print is readable.
Page 4 has a handy 'show to people who ask what I do' diagram too :-)


I'm going. Are you going ?

Last years best ColdFusion conference, Scotch on the Rocks, is back in Edinburgh later this year !

I got so much out of last years, smaller, shorter and only slightly cheaper conference that work have kindly sent me again.

What will be said if you don't make it ?

BBC thinking of deploying Adobe AIR applications

According to an article on the BBC news website quoting the BBC's Future Media and Technology Journalism chief architect, the BBC is "currently building prototype versions of several applications such as the news ticker".



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