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Got BuzzWord on Linux ?

In order to login to the BuzzWord beta from a Linux machine, you'll need to use the user-agent switcher extension, and set your user agent to something like

Mozilla/5.0 (windows; U; windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20050821 firefox/1.5

All the buttons I pressed seemed to work fine, though obviously it's even less supported than BuzzWord is normally.

Got BuzzWord ?

If you are on the BuzzWord trial, and would like a handy list of what the fonts look like, drop me a note and I'll share the document with you.

Everyone else - wait :-)


Example of using SaturationFadePopUpBlocker

Alister McLeod has a great little effect for tinting down the background of a Flex application when a modal pop up window is being shown.

Attached is a fully working example (works unchanged with Flex 2.0.1 and the Flex 3 beta) that shows how to actually get it to work, as a few people seemed to have been having problems.


An alternative to Cairngorm for Flex projects ?

An alternative MVC framework for Flex application has just been released, called 'Model-Glue: Flex', after the popular ColdFusion framework.

I've only looked at it briefly, but it seems to have several advantages over Cairngorm such as less repetative boiler plate code and the ability to not use hard-typed Events. I can spell Modal-Glut: Flux better too :-)

I'll definitely be using it for the next 'little' application I do to see how it goes.


Why ColdFusion 8 will not be out in July. Or in August. It's gonna be October

Over on his blog, Dale Fraser suggests two possible dates for the upcoming release of ColdFusion 8 - 1st July 2007 or the first week of August.

I'm still plumbing for 15th October '07 though.

Firstly that's when the biggest round of Adobe conferences ever are one - one in the US, one down in Spain and another in Japan.



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