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A rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that enables you to create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform.

First thoughts on Adobe's Apollo

For an alpha release, Adobe's Flex-HTML-PDF desktop runtime is fairly funky.

There are gotchas (check the ApolloCoders mailing list) but in general it took an afternoon to go from writing web-based Flex (or Flash, or (D)HTML, if you prefer) applications to building installable desktop versions of the same - using both the free SDK and the plugin to Flex Builder / Eclipse.


Flex tweening effects

So, you've been able to tween various properties of objects in Flex (More Flex tweening) to make them fade in and out and what have you, but how do you get that cute 'bounce' effect where the property overshoots the end value and takes a while to settle down ?


Computer Weekly on Flex

Computer Weekly covered Adobe's Flex a few weeks ago, scan of the article below, but in highlight:

  • A shake-up in the RIA market
  • No need to validate one of many AJAX libraries
  • No browser compatibility issues


Serious bug in released version of Flex 2.0.1 SDK

My datagrid has a few columns that have visible="false" but they are
still showing up.
Recompiling the same app with the 2.0 SDK makes them hide as expected.

I've logged it everywhere that sprang to mind - the flexcoders mailing list, Adobe's wish list, and the beta site which still appears to be running even though the beta period is over and the software 'out there'.

If the beta hadn't run over Xmas, I'd have spotted this before now, bugger. As it is I'm going back to the old version untill it's fixed :-(


Funny event names in Flex


The event the DataChooser fires when a user changs the date or year by clicking the little arrows with their mouse is called 'scroll'.

At least I wont have to subclass it and work with the undocumented CalendarLayout class just to get that notification :-)



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