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Bizarre TurnUp

Looks like I either have a bad synus inspection or have started with hayfever.....

I've got an appointment with the doctor on Monday to see what they say, but in the mean time have bought some hayfevevr tablets anyway.

Looks like Gardening could be fun soon.......

More updates later


Isn't it odd who turns up to borrow some bandwidth for a bit ?

Off to local pubstraunt tonight (a Brewsters) for a bit of three way action with two hamsters, a motorbike and a witch.

I've been a very bad boy

I didn't mean to ! My mouse sliped, and it just jumped out at me.

Oh dear. I'd better go lie down.

Did I mention it's the only car I know about that has a lateral g-force sensor on the dash. And a link to a PC so you can get graphs of, for instance, intercooler temp. ? I think I need a shower... I feel... dirty. And I'll probably need to be to afford the 37K price tag :-(

Tsk, this porn - it's everywhere.

I want to ride my...

Yup, definetly a set of paths round the back of the house for cycling on :-)

Gonna try a proper round trip on them next time.

Still having a problem with a lose saddle - looks like the clamp isn't sitting square with the brace on the underside - I'll have to take it off again and have a look.

Work news

Interview time ! It may be at the odd time of 0900 this Sunday, and I may have great trouble finding "Artko" or "Jane's Fine Art" on google, but I'm starting not to care. Interview is interview :-)

The role is in Dukinfield, so should be easy to get to, we're talking by bus here !

In other news, still no other job news :-/


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer