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Still not 100%

Both myself & Tom have been ill this week.... Mainly just shattered but I think we may have been sharing a bug, and the migraine (sp)I had today didn't help.

On another note work is still really busy but at least it's keeping me out of trouble.


Oh well, going to try & keep an upto date record of my migraines on here and try to work out what may be causing them. I do know now that when I feel a migraine starting I shouldn't try to drive into work.... by the time I got home my right eye had stopped focusing at all......

I'll learn from my mistakes.

Tim's party from way back

I was getting the photo's pages to pick up the site theme, and noticed I'd forgotten to link to some pic's of Tim's party.

Forgive me :-)

In other news, you may notice the On logo now appears in your browser's address bar etc.

2nd round interviews

The company is too busy this week to hold interviews :-( Bah.
OTOH they must have given the agency some really nice feedback because the agency is putting me forward to a couple of other places, with a view to interviews next week !

Woo !

Danger: Male date rape drug

Falken writes "Important Notice :

Police warn all male clubbers, party-goers and unsuspecting pub regulars to be more alert and cautious when accepting a drink offer from a woman."


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if you are reading this, don't click it as it will mark you as a spammer