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Adobe announces next Flex SDK release time frames

In last nights Open Iteration Meeting, Adobe gave the following dates for the Flex SDK's 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1 releases:

3.4 beta 1: June '09
3.4: August '09
4.0: Q4 '09
4.1: Q3 '10

Obviously, the further into the future you get, the more tentative these dates are :-)


Fx has fx'ed off

In a recent posting, Matt Chotin has announced that Adobe will not be using the controversial Fx-prefix in Flex, just as soon as they can back the change out.

This is great news.


Announcing the Flex SDK Community Committee, and maybe an end to FxButton

I'm please to say I was invited to join the Flex SDK Community Committee, where you can find some of the best known figures in the Flex community like Ben Clinkinbeard, Tink and Doug McCune.
Together we represent some of the most visible Flex users and companies, including such names as Universal Mind and Effective UI.


Submitting a patch to the Flex SDK

As I mentioned yesterday submitting a patch to fix a problem with the Flex SDK is a great way to get to know the framework itself better, and also see how the process works.

There isn't much too it, esp. if you are fixing a bug you found.


mentioned yesterday

(follow up to Talk to Adobe's Flex SDK team )

Well, that was... manic :-)



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